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Annual pet licenses are mandatory if you live in the City of Battle Creek. Avoid a fine, protect your pet, and support your community.

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The City of Battle Creek has teamed up with DocuPet to provide an enhanced pet licensing experience. DocuPet specializes in creating and managing pet licensing programs. It’s our job to ensure that every pet in the community is licensed. Once compliant, our program offers additional value to pet owners through our HomeSafe™ Lost Pet System.

Licensing is Mandatory.

Before we can focus on the benefits, we need to start with the facts. Annual pet licenses are required in nearly every city and town across North America. Licensing plays an important role in the city and their staff’s ability to keep our communities safe – this includes our children, our pets, and us.

Pets get out, they get sick, and unfortunately not every pet gets along with other pets or people. A license allows city officials and your fellow citizens to identify an animal, contact their owner, and make decisions that are in the best interest of the pet and the community.

How Can I License My Pet?

With DocuPet, you can license online in less than five minutes and will immediately gain access to your pet's profile, which is used to reunite you with your pet in the event that they become lost.

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What If I Don't Want to License Online?

DocuPet and the City of Battle Creek also offer options to license your pet over the phone, in person, or by mail.

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Fees and Fines

There’s no ifs ands or buts about it, licenses are required for all dogs and cats living in Battle Creek. They must be renewed every one or three years (if purchased a multi-year license) prior to the expiration date (don’t worry, we’ll remind you!).

Failure to present a valid license may result in a fine of $50.00 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense, and $200 for a third.

Category Fee
Intact Dog or Cat - One Year $20.00
Spayed/Neutered Dog or Cat - One Year $5.00
Spayed/Neutered Dog or Cat - Three Year $12.00
Replacement Tag $5.00

Please note that Battle Creek's licensing program operates on a 365 day cycle. This means that all licenses expire on the same day, in the year of expiry.

A valid rabies certificate is required to complete the licensing process. A spay/neuter certificate is required to qualify for the discounted rate.

Benefits Offered by DocuPet

Our mission at DocuPet is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet. This starts with licensing, but it doesn't end there.

Our Lost Pet System

The Lost Pet System is an online tool that ties your pet's unique tag number to their online profile. This means that if anyone finds your pet, they can easily visit our site, enter the number found on your pet's tag, and immediately get access to the contact information you have chosen to provide. Our Found Pet report makes it easy for people to help your pet get home safe.

Licensed pet owners can also report pets lost through their online profile. In a matter of seconds, you can notify members of your community and ask for help. They'll learn about your pet, where he or she was last seen, gain access to photos, and receive any of your direct contact information you make available.

Nothing makes for a better day at the DocuPet office then when we get to deliver the good news that a pet gets to return home. We're very proud to have helped hundred of pets reunite with their owners through our Lost Pet System.

Help guarantee your pet's safe return home.

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